Another Day, Another Mass Shooting


Every single one of these “mass shootings” in Obama’s “pattern” are perpetrated by mind-controlled puppets of the Illuminati. They do this not just to push their gun-control agenda–which will be advanced massively if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016, with some preliminary actions by Obama during his last months in office–but also to feed their Archon controllers with the negative fear emotion they use for subsistence.

With every staged mass shooting event, there are three red flag giveaways:

  1. Drills in the area (to cover up any pre-planners who may get questioned)
  2. Well-armed, tactically proficient, and extremely calm shooters (because they are being mind-controlled)
  3. Non-stop media coverage (to harness that fear they need from the masses)

Whenever you see all three of those things, its a dead tipoff that the event is staged as part of Obama’s “pattern” of mass shootings in America.

So let’s look at today’s shooting at the “Inland Regional Center” in San Bernadino, California, shall we?

  1. The Inland Regional Center has drills every month or so. There was an active shooter drill a couple of days before. Police were actually in the middle of a drill when the shooting started at the Center.
  2. Shooters were dressed in tactical gear and well-armed, acted “as if on a mission”. Witness saw the black SUV (another red flag, as this type of vehicle is widely used by government black-ops types) pull away calmly and slowly.
  3. Obama is busy at his global climate control conference in Paris, but still found time to comment on this latest in his “pattern” of mass shootings. Do you think maybe something’s going on at that conference they’d rather the world were distracted from?
Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

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