YouTube’s Copyright School

I had to go to YouTube’s Copyright School because two people/companies/entities claimed I violated their copyrighted monopoly on the soul possession of a work. What that means is that before I can upload any more videos to my channel, I first have to watch this disgraceful piece of distopian Marxist Nazi garbage animation targeting children no older than 6th grade (the intelligence quotient these elite scumbags want their serfs to remain at); I don’t want to make you suffer the patronization of the following video, so I don’t recommend even watching it, but if you must know how disgustingly distasteful and patronizing YouTube’s “CopyRight School” is… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you:


And then I have to answer a 5 question quiz, like I’m back in fucking grade school again!

First of all, I’m treated like a fucking child, so fuck you, YouTube. But secondly, and more importantly, they don’t even address the morality of the thing! It’s all just, “do it cuz we sayz so” and “you’ll lose your account permanently after three strikes” and “you could even go to court!! oooohhhh!!”. They don’t explain why you are not allowed to share “copyrighted” work, only that if you do it you’ll be in big trouble, mister….

So, yeah… that’s two strikes for me. One more and I’ll lose my account forever!! Whatever shall I do…. oh, I dunno, probably just make another YouTube account. So there. YouTube… buncha Fascist fucking pigs.

YouTube’s Copyright School

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