The Rosi Crutians

Which is how I first spelled it. They go with a “c” and no space.

But did you know they’ve got a freakin’ website where you can just join right there, at A secret society, right there, open for admission online! That’s nuts man… the AMORC: Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose and the Cross online and open for membership. BTW, you know Francis Bacon was the head of the Rosicrucians, right?

But, yeah, there’s no way they’re using any of these people who sign up online as anything more than mules/gofers. Although, I’m sure they’re happy to take the online recruits’ money! $150/year or $15/month! I would sign up, but I ain’t payin’ for it. (Although, if anybody out there wants to sponsor me and have me report in to them on the goings-ons, just get at me and we can work something out.)

And how about that recruitment video on the homepage, huh?


That main lady even says that what they do is go thru and in 15 months learn everything. Then they go back thru and re-learn everything with different meanings. That’s the whole thing that Degrees or ranks through any secret society (including Scientology) is all about!


The Rosi Crutians

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