What if everything you knew was a lie? But what if it wasn’t?

What if Christ was a myth created by the Roman Catholics and based on their sun-god religion that goes back from America to Rome, Greece, Egypt, Sumer, and Atlantis. But what if it was all real, and there really is “no way to the Father but through [Christ]”?

What if there really were a secret cabal controlling the world? And what if that Cabal was filled with evil bloodline Illuminati possessed by demonic Archons who feed off of negative human emotions? But what if that was all conspiracy crap, and there’s really no one controlling the chaos? Which would be scarier?

What if Jack Parsons really did help NASA make contact with demonic spirits who have guided human technology ever since? What if NASA had secret bases on the Moon and has already colonized Mars? But what if it’s all B.S., and NASA really did all but give up on manned missions?

What if the O.T.O. really does have control over Hollywood and the music industry? But what if these misguided actors and artists just think throwing up their Illuminati symbols makes them look cool?

What if everything you knew about history was a lie? What if the Earth were really flat? What if Obama really is a clone of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh? What if consciousness really does create reality? What if they’re spraying the chem-trails to help us out, and we’d have died from the hole in the ozone already if they weren’t doing it? What if nothing is real, and life really is nothing but a dream? What if the planet ascended to a higher dimension tonight while you’re asleep? What if an asteroid destroys all life on the planet except for the smallest of microbes within the Earth’s crust that will take millions of years to start the process of evolution all over again?

I believe you know the truth when you hear it. When you hear something and it is true, you feel it in your heart. So when you hear a story that sounds like B.S., it probably is! But if your heart rate increases ever so slightly and you find your head nodding when you hear something, that’s intuition recognizing truth. Everything you read, everything you see, everything you hear–hold it up to your intuition’s truth litmus test. This is your multi-dimensional knowledge from past lives guiding you to the truth.



2 thoughts on “Lies

    1. The Scourge Of Bablyon says:

      oh I am so sorry. isn’t that a terrible way to live your life? why do you need a savior? save yourself! Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you, so look there for the answers.
      what is sin? why are you a sinner? if something feels right, do it! if not, don’t! why must we label everything?


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