Tent City

Read the article “Tent City, America” by Chris Herring at Places Journal.

I’ve seen the homeless panhandlers in every city I’ve lived in. I’ve never given one a single penny and I always wish they weren’t there. I’ve caught myself wishing “someone would do something about this,” which sounds terrible, I know, but I’m just being honest. And seriously, something should be done. I don’t have anything against the homeless, I just wish I didn’t have to explain to my child why all the people in all the cars just ignore that man who’s asking for help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a freegan, living off the land and/or city and/or generosity of others. Float free, fellow humans! If I weren’t married with kids, I’d happily quit society and join a commune. But still, the people Herring talks about in his “Tent City” expose could use a sensible solution to their problems.

What is the solution? Here’s a pretty good one: spend less on military and more on social services. I’m surprised how many so-called “Christians” support the Republican party and the wars they started in 2001-2003. These same people also are quick to call the homeless bums and say they should all get a job. But, seriously, wouldn’t the Christian thing to do be to help the homeless? And I don’t just mean giving them free soup, but really helping them. For the price of the F-35 program, for example, we could’ve given every homeless person a mansion. Just think if we got rid of the DEA and CIA, and brought all our troops home and had them defend our borders instead of other countries! The government could cut every citizen a check for a hundred thousand dollars and cure the homeless problem forever.

Tent City

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