What if everything you knew was a lie? But what if it wasn’t?

What if Christ was a myth created by the Roman Catholics and based on their sun-god religion that goes back from America to Rome, Greece, Egypt, Sumer, and Atlantis. But what if it was all real, and there really is “no way to the Father but through [Christ]”?

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Goldfish Cravings


Today, around 1pm, my wife suddenly had a craving for Goldfish, of all things.

When I picked my son up from school (1st grade), he was nearly in tears because his teacher did not let him eat his snack today. Can you guess what he normally gets for a snack?

There it is, a simple, microcosmic example of the interconnectedness of my wife and son. My son wanted his Goldfish snack so badly, he blasted a wave of psychic craving out into the Universe, which my wife immediately picked up on.

Pretty cool, right? Just further proof the veil is truly lifting.



Additional research:

Goldfish coated in heroin instead of salt.

Goldfish are gay.

Pepperidge Farm won’t say their ingredients don’t come from China.

Goldfish are marked by God.

Goldfish are not natural.


Goldfish Cravings