Goliath by Neil Gaiman


“Goliath” by Neil Gaiman, with art by Bill Sienkiewicz and Gregory Ruth,┬áis from the Matrix Comics collection of short stories set in the Matrix Universe, originally released as webcomics on the series’ official website from 1999 to 2004.


I suppose that I could claim that I had always suspected that the world was a cheap and shoddy sham, a bad cover for something deeper and weirder and infinitely more strange, and that, in some way, I already knew the truth. But I think that’s just how the world has always been. And even now that I know the truth, as you will, my love, if you’re reading this, the world still seems cheap and shoddy. Different world, different shoddy, but that’s how it feels.

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Goliath by Neil Gaiman